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The Process


Our focus is on ensuring you secure the best talent using a model which has been honed over time and has proved to solicit the most effective results for both the candidate and the client. The process itself is not unique, what is different is how we execute it on your behalf.


Our approach to search is conscientious, thorough and professional from start to finish, yet also highly flexible. Using our industry specialist knowledge, original research for each assignment and creating leverage from our significant network capability, we look to secure the best talent within timelines dictated by your business needs. Thus ensuring important assignments are not left ‘open’ and roles unfilled for extended periods of time.


After the initial briefing meeting, we will outline the search strategy and assignment plan in order for you to schedule your interviews and assessments and agree the overall budget from the start. As a guide, search assignments normally take around six to seven weeks from ‘sign off’ until presentation of shortlisted candidates.


Throughout the process, clients will receive regular updates and reports, ensuring transparency in approach and a focus on delivering a successful outcome.

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